2020-01-16 15:41:50

[ IC Message] Application for Exemption from Required General English Courses

Dear IC students,

The "Rules of Exemption from Required General English Courses in International College at I-Shou University" is attached. Qualified students shall submit an online application along with supporting documents starting from Feb. 17 (Mon.) 8:00am to Feb. 24 (Mon.) 5:00pm.


The application is reviewed online and no need to print hardcopy of the application form. Please prepare the original and one photocopy of your English proficiency test report/certificate to your department office after completing the online application. The original certificate will be immediately returned to you as soon as the verification is completed. Also, please fill out the “Application of Changes in Selected Courses” to drop the exemption courses.



Online application path: Information SystemAcknowledgement the course creditReview of exemption from required general English courses


Contact Person: 蔡素琴 
Contact Number: 8010 
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