May.22nd For Sophomore- Internship announcement

For the next academic year of the internship (half year or one year), please inform me by LINE before May 31st. The application can be submitted later. If the number of applicants is less than 5 before June 15th, you need to buy Accident Insurance matters by yourself. Before the internship, you need to finish the application, the department, the company (or students’ who under 20 years old of parents) signed the contract and completed the stamping, the students bought the accident insurance or the accident insurance with a lifetime insurance of more than 1 million, etc., then you can start the internship. If you don’t finish all administrative works and do the internship, it will not give you 9 elective internship credits and regard the internship as personal work. Recently, the Ministry of Labor and the Ministry of Education have actively checked the internship status of each university. Therefore, our administration units has begun a strict review. Any unreasonable internship application will be rejected, even our Chair pass the proposal. It is recommended that you complete as early as possible to avoid affecting the internship date.