Cashier Section Q & A

Q:Notices for Faculty and Staff Members:

I.Notices for issuing collection slips and payment receipts

  1. The staffer-in-charge should file an application for issuing a collection slip(s) along with a photocopy of the official document for subsidies and an application form for the official stamp. A collection slip template from the organization granting subsidies should be attached as well if any.
  2. The staffer-in-charge should provide the Cashier Section with the name of the payer, the amount of the payment, and the reason for a subsidy so that the Cashier Section can send a notification to the recipient.

II.What should I do if I didn’t spend all of the cash advance I applied for?

  1. Please specify your faculty/staff number and the voucher number when you return the unused money at the Cashier Section.

III.How do I void a collection slip or a payment receipt?

    The unit-in-charge should return the original of the collection clip or the payment receipt for further processing, and whether to obtain prior consent from the University is at your discretion.

IV.Money Collection

  1. You may collect your money after receiving a notification sent by the Cashier Section. You can collect the money in person or ask another person to collect on your behalf with your personal seal.
  2. Business entities may collect the money by bank remittance (with an agreement), via a self-addressed envelope, or in person (with the company seal).


Q:Notices for Students

I.Making Payment for Applications

  1. Applying for certificates: Complete an application form at Counter 6 of the Registration Section or download it from the website → Select the certificate you want to apply for on the computer next to the Documentation Section → Make payment and collect a receipt at the Cashier Section → Submit the application form to Counter 1, 2, 3 or 4 → Collect the certificate at the Registration Section with your receipt.
  2. In terms of payment related to keys to dorm rooms, vehicles, and air-conditioning at borrowed spaces, please contact the unit-in-charge first and make payment at the Cashier Section with the application form issued.

II.Money Collection

  1. Please visit the unit applying for payment or the Cashier Section to collect your money in accordance with the notification sent by the staffer-in-charge.
  2. The payment may be made by bank remittance or check. Please show your valid identity document (e.g. the student ID card) when collecting money.


III. Application for Tuition Payment Receipt

  1. After making payment, you may log in to to check your payment status or print out a payment receipt (those who made payment with a credit card can check their payment status or print out a payment receipt after four working days). Steps: Visit → Category: College → Beneficiary: I-Shou University → Log in with your student No. and password → Payment Record → Print out the receipt you need
  2. Students may apply for a payment receipt at the Cashier Section one week after the payment was made (please show the letter of authorization if you apply on behalf of another person).

IV. ATM Locations

Main Campus:
  1. Land Bank of Taiwan: Next to Liwen Bookstore
  2. Post Office: At the entrance of the post office at the gate

Medical Campus
  1. Land Bank of Taiwan: At the corridor between Teaching Building A and B
  2. Chang Hwa Bank: At the corridor between Teaching Building B and C