Dual Major in Finance and International Trade

An Overview of IF

The Department of International Finance offers high-quality education in finance and international trade in an English-only environment.

The interdisciplinary study of finance and trade enables graduates to work in banking industries' international sections dealing with currency exchange, overseas money transfer, trade terms consultant, L/C making. The mixed knowledge of finance and trade allows our graduates to offer advice of transactions to clients who plan to invest in a foreign country.

Beyond banking industries, our graduates spread among CPA firms, logistics, international departments in manufacturing companies. Cross-boundary learning in finance and international trade provides lifetime benefits to our graduates' career. The skills in handling accounting, finance, and other business transactions set our graduates apart from other management graduates. 

Our team of dynamic educators and researchers is drawn from countries around the world, giving students rich competencies from different backgrounds and viewpoints.

International Finance Department collaborates with financial and manufacturing firms to provide internship opportunities to foreign and local students.

Equipped with techniques specific to finance and trade, our graduates can overcome future challenges in an AI-ridden business environment.