Research activities have been active within the department, with funding mainly from the Ministry of Science and Technology and partially from other government agencies and the industry. Listed in the following are some on-going research projects:


A study on the monitoring of shallow earthquakes on the Chi-Shan and Fong-Shan faults in south-eastern Taiwan

A study on the effective planning of "engineering ecology" Taiwan" courses

A study on establishing a suitable domestic model of DCP and PFWD

The effects of thin-material properties on the through-thickness Poison's ratio of symmetrically-layered composite boards

A study on the effectiveness as influenced by variations in planning- objective and in execution-attitude under different material-purchasing modes

A study on the post-earthquake soil CPT reactance and liquefaction subsidence

A proposed appraisal institution for the design-/construction- effectiveness of ecological engineering projects

A study on the feasibility of using nanomaterials to improve the mechanical properties of clay

The influence of rock anchors on the static and dynamic properties of soft-rock slopes

The geometric design of longitudinal cross-section of highways taking into account several traffic-flow factors

Analysis of pavement damage modes-with application to pavement management and maintenance

Application of dynamic elasto-plastic finite-element analysis to wheel track study

A study on the usage of slag in asphalt concrete