Alumni Service Section

§ Yun-Yun Tu §


Name:Yun-Yun Tu




1.Assisting with affairs and events of the ISU Alumni Association
2.Handling the selection of outstanding alumni
3.Providing alumni services, including solving alumni’s problems and answering their questions (via email or phone), contacting alumni, assisting with affairs of the ISU Alumni Association, etc.
4.Handling application and issuance of alumni cards: compiling new applications for membership
5.Organizing commencement ceremonies
6.Organizing alumni lecture series
7.Updating the information about the ISU Alumni Association
8.Assisting with the operation of the Graduating Students’ Association
9.Handling applications for the recognition of student participation in activities
10.Handling affairs related to the ISUQ Project
11.Drawing up the annual budget of the Center and the mid-term university development plan
12.Setting up and executing the ISU Teaching Excellence Project
13.Handling official documents of the Center
14.Compiling and providing information/data required by other units: compiling, writing, and providing forms, information, and proposals required by other units, such as meeting materials, project proposals, statistics, activity plans, process evaluation sheets, and inter-unit notifications
15.Handling other non-routine affairs

§ Chin-Ya Chen §


Name:Chin-Ya Chen




1.Handling the career destinations survey for graduates and preparing an analysis report
2.Planning and executing the career destinations survey platform
3.Handling the employer satisfaction survey and preparing an analysis report
4.Handling the UCAN survey and preparing an analysis report
5.Maintaining the MAPA system
6.Surveying and completing the Higher Education Database in March and October
7.Handling and compiling the destinations survey and quality assurance of interested parties in the University
8.Publishing alumni e-newsletters
9.Maintaining and updating the information on the Center’s website
10.Maintaining and updating the Facebook pages of the ISU Alumni Association and the Center
11.Managing students’ works and facilities at the Career Development Information Hub and updating the posters of alumni
12.Recruiting and managing volunteers of the Center
13.Planning and executing the institutional analysis and decision-making based on institutional research; collaborating with the Office of Institutional Research and the Office of Library and Information Services to establish the ISU Institutional Research Cloud Platform for institutional research
14.Planning and assessing the establishment of the Center for Cloud Survey and Data Research to complete the career destinations survey for alumni and provide students with training in market survey through projects
15.Assisting in organizing commencement ceremonies
16.Assisting with affairs and events of the ISU Alumni Association

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