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The Department of Information Engineering was one of the seven original departments founded when I-Shou University (then called Kaohsiung Polytechnic Institute) was established in 1986. As the importance of information industry to the economy of Taiwan keeps growing, the Department has been expanded at a steady pace. The continuing education program, part of Continuing Education Program, was established in 1992. The master and Ph.D. programs started in 1995 and 2000, respectively. Currently, there are over 800 undergraduate students, 62 master students, and 14 Ph.D. students in the Department.

The Department is committed to training students to become skilled information professionals who are strong both in the basics and in the practical aspects of information engineering. After vigorous training, our graduates will be able to join the information work force quickly and be instrumental in the advancement of the information industry. The curriculum design and the planning of lab facilities have emphasized not only on basic training in the fundamentals but also on the hands-on experiences and developing trends of information technology. Areas given special emphases include: 1. Multimedia System, 2. Embedded System, 3.Communication and Computer Networking.

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