Title Announcement of International Students Scholarship Application

Announcement of
International Students Scholarship Application
Current Students

1. Application Qualification
(1) Postgraduate and undergraduate students who have studied at ISU for one academic year and having taken at least two courses in the previous semester. Applicant’s academic performance must rank within the top 20% in his or her class.
(2) Applicant’s score on moral conduct must reach 85 or higher for the most recent semester, and the applicant must not have any record of minor demerits or severer punishment.
2. Supporting Documentation
(1) Application form;
(2) One academic transcript (including class ranking), and record of moral conduct from last semester (OICA will collect the transcript and record of moral conduct of the current semester as soon as they are ready.);
(3) One Recommendation Letter from the chair of the department where the applicant is studying;
(4) One Recommendation Letter from one of the applicant’s instructor;
(5) The proof of international volunteer service (optional).
3. Application Deadline
Please submit the above supporting documentation to the Office of International Cross-strait Affairs before 5 PM on June 16, 2017. Late submission is not acceptable.
* Please follow the ISU Regulations on Scholarship for International Students.

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