公告主題 2017 Fall-Dormitory application for Transfer and Current students

Dormitory application for Transfer students and Current students, Description:


1.How to Apply:

 To apply for dormitory vacancies at the Main Campus, applicants shall submit their applications on the following websites and a public drawing will be conducted: http://www2.isu.edu.tw/interface/survey.php?id=5275 


2.When to Apply:

a.  Applications shall be submitted on the aforementioned website to complete the registration between August 26th (Saturday) and September 2nd (Saturday).

b.  September 6th (Wednesday) after 17:00 p.m.: waiting drawing list number will be announced on Website of Housing Section.

c.  September 8th (Friday) , 11:00 a.m.: The public drawing for dormitory will be held at the common rooms of Dormitory 2 of Main Campus. The payment notice will be delivered and applicants shall pay dormitory fees during that day, otherwise it will be regarded as abandonment. Applicants shall take the receipt to management desk for arrange dorm room.


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