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Title 【ANNOUNCEMENT】Selection of Distinguished Alumni of I-Shou University in 2012

I.    Purpose: The selection of distinguished alumni aims to select and praise alumni who have had remarkable achievements or made concrete contributions to the University, the society or the country, to enhance the University’s reputation, and to set an example to encourage the other graduates and students.

II.  Qualifications: Nominees for distinguished alumni should be the ones who have made remarkable academic contributions, performed brilliantly on service or had other achievements, and set an example to any other graduates and enrolled students of the University. The categories of distinguished alumni are as follows:

A.  Academic Excellence: being engaged in academic research, innovation or invention, performing brilliantly on international competitions, or being conferred an award by the country;

B.  Service Excellence: having been publicly praised by government agencies, been recognized for long-term contributions to public welfare, or had remarkable achievements while taking over an important position in a government agency or the private sector;

C.  Others: having special contributions other than those referred to in the preceding two subparagraphs, such as contributions to the University’s reputation, administrative development, teaching services, research and development or innovative measures as well as donations to the University.

III. Application:

A.   A nomination application should not be filed without a nominee’s prior consent. Convincing evidence should be clearly stated on a nomination application form, and supporting documents submitted. Any of the following units or persons is eligible to file a nomination application:

1. administrative and academic units of the University;

2. ISU Alumni Association;

3. the head of the unit/agency/organization where a nominee works for;

4. at least fifteen alumni of the University signing for nomination

B.  Please send a nomination application form and supporting documents to the Alumni Service Section of the Career Development Center.

IV. Application Period: From the date of announcement through August 31, 2012

V.  Winners of the Distinguished Alumni Award will be publicly praised, and conferred a medal and a certificate of merit on the University’s anniversary, and their achievements will be published in the University’s e-papers and publications.

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