Title Application for Kaohsiung City International Student Scholarship due on May 15

Kaohsiung City International Student Scholarship

1.      Amount: NT$36,000/year, split in half and awarded in 2 semesters.

2.      Qualification:

(1)       Degree-seeking foreign students enrolled at I-Shou University

(2)       Definition of Foreign Student: An individual of foreign nationality, who has never held nationality status from Taiwan (Republic of China) and does not possess an overseas Chinese student status.

(3)       The financial resource while studying at ISU has to be fully self-funded, such as personal savings or parental support, without receiving any other government scholarships.

3.      Documents to submit:

(1)       application form (please refer to the attachment);

copy of passport;

(2)       supporting documents on participating cultural exchange activities (at least 2 days each activity), or engaging in social service (at least 20hours each time);

transcript from 2014 Fall semester in Chinese (please also show your class ranking);

(4)       sealed recommendation letter(s) from professor(s) at institution in attendance

Evaluation Item


Grading points (10 points max.)

Applicants from an alliance city of Kaohsiung


Alliance city resident: 3

Non-alliance city resident: 1

Enthusiastic participation in cultural exchange or social service activities


3 or more supporting documents: 3

2 supporting documents: 2

1 supporting document: 1

(the numbers of documents refers to those recognized by scholarship committee)

Academic performance


Both GPA and moral conducts reach 80/100: 2

Either GPA or moral conducts 80/100: 1

Recommendation letter(s)


Recommendation letter indicating specific performances other than the aforementioned supporting documents: 2

Recommendation letter:1

All the application materials should be submitted to Office of International Affairs (OIA) before May 15, 2015. Contact Ms. Amy Chen in OIA for more information.

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