Title Invitation for Chinese Folk Song & Dancing Show

Chinese Folk Song & Dancing Show



To let international students know more about Chinese culture, Office of International Affairs will present you a Yunnan Folk Song & Dancing Show by the professional singers and dancers from China, for all of you on Sept. 21, 2013. With this show, you can see their colorful costume is as romantic as the beautiful roses and how they praise their age-long history and cultures thru their songs and dances.


Don’t miss the chance of a lifetime to appreciate the beauty of Chinese folk songs and dances. If you would like to join in us, please apply online at http://www.isu.edu.tw/interface/survey.php?id=3121 , and come to OIA to take a free ticket after being notified by e-mail.


《美麗家園》——二十六個民族生活在祖國百花盛開的西南邊疆,他们的生活像花一樣的芳香和充满着花一样的浪漫。各民族不同的服飾色彩都展示了他们的智慧和特殊的民族心理,多姿多彩的服飾讚美着美麗的家園。如果您想要參與這場音樂盛宴,請至國際事務處網站 (http://www.isu.edu.tw/interface/survey.php?id=3121) 報名,每人可免費索取一張入場卷。機會有限,請儘速報名。



Theme: Beautiful Homeland

Time: 19:30, Sept. 21, 2013 (Please arrive before 19:00)

Venus: Eda Royal Theater

Fee: Free (Only students who have registered online before 12:00, Sept. 17 can get a free ticket).



Note: Every student can require for one ticket for free. Limited tickets are available. Please register A.S.A.P.

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