Title Free Chinese Courses

Free Chinese Courses for Foreign Students Only


Dateevery Wed. (2015.03.04~2015.06.24)

Time10:20 ~12:10



Participantsforeign students


1. IC Students should complete the International Studies before graduation. The international students can complete the International Studies by volunteer service instead of participating Summer Language Programs. There is a Chinese Courses for international students which can be converted into volunteer service for completing international Studies.


2. The regulation of converted of volunteer service is as belowA student of the International College shall obtain prior approval from the Chair of his or her department before converting one class hour of Chinese courses for international students into one hour of volunteer service. Moreover, such a student may only convert the abovementioned class hours when he or she has received a score of 80 or more for the courses and attended at least 75% of the class meetings. Class hours of the same level of Chinese courses for international students shall not be converted repeatedly.


3. Please register on line: http://goo.gl/XunDbB

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