Research Results

Multimedia compression and communications security
This field embraces a broad range of studies, including theory and technology developments of image, video compression, and multimedia audio-visual compression. In addition, the development and design of algorithms related to signal error-correction, fault-tolerance, and encryption are included. These technology developments and theoretical researches on DVD, digital TV system design, and mobile communications are critical research topics for our department, in order to cultivate talents needed for the national economic growth. Led by Prof. Trieu-Kien Truong, an IEEE Fellow and the Editor for the IEEE Transactions on Communication, this research group has published over 200 international journal papers. Prof. Truong received the Outstanding Engineering Professor Award from the Chinese Institute of Engineers in 2000. Some of the research results have been successfully transferred to MicroLinks Technology Corp. for VLSI chip production.
Digital content
In order to maintain the advantages and capabilities of the industries in Taiwan, the government has established the “Two Trillion & Twin Stars Industries Development Plan” to strengthen the capabilities of design innovation. Digital content, one of the Twin Stars, is thus a major research area deemed important by the government. The University also gives its support to the digital content project by funding a multi-year integrated research project for extracting events from baseball videos. As many as 10 professors from this and other departments have been working on this project, developing some cutting-edge technologies, such as video segmentation, video feature descriptor establishment, video footage classification, video event classifier establishment, moving object trajectory detection, matching and retrieving video content, as well as pitcher’s and batter’s performance data mining. Led by Prof. Chaur-Heh Hsieh, this research group has published more than 100 academic papers and will be engaged in the practical applications in the industry in the future.
Embedded system based IC Design
IC design is the realization of IT technology on silicon chips for practical uses. So far, our department has yielded significant achievements in core areas of signal processing and decoding. Currently, seven professors are working jointly on a Ministry-of-Education-supported project involving enhanced programmable prototype of PES and SoC design. Our department aims at the development of DSP, communication and automatic identification systems. We have also collaborated with the military on designing fault-tolerant and encrypted systems. In addition, our department has achieved successful results in gaining collaborative projects with manufacturers. IC design will be one of the department's focal points in future studies.