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2018-12-06 13:54:57


Do you wanna have a try to know how to fund?

After expertise evaluate and the instruct and earn the feedback from market, the previous 60 teams will earn 100 thousand subsidies.

Seize this chance to implement your innovative project.

1.  Project Category:

-    Practical Group: construct the primary concept which derives from the previous courses / set the target for how to operate it

-    Commercial Group: base on the research result to commercialize it and proceed it the trial period

2.  Project Content:

-     Project topic + Abstract in 200 words

-     1~3 min startup video

-     3 Photos: Production and implement flow chart

-     Project planning (5/1-6/31) + Budget planning (100 thousand)

-     Copy planning and design

*Samples, please scan the QR cord in the profile

3.   Applicant Qualification:

-    3 people a group (undergraduate / any nation / per person per team)

-    At least 1 instructor

4.   Agenda:

107.12.01-12.26: Submit the project to IC building 61121

108.01.01-02.22: Upload the project to platform

108.02: Verification

108.03: Inject

108.04: Result announcement

108.05-06: Implement

108.08: Case closed

          *for more information, please scan the QR cord in the profile


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