Courses Relating to Health and Medicine Provided to ISU Students.

ISU has put great emphasis on interdisciplinary courses for the past two years. In addition, more and more courses relating to health and medicine are available to students, in the hopes of becoming an international comprehensive university excelling in medicine and smart technology.

Unconventional Chinese Courses at ISU .

To help students put what they have learned into practice in their lives, ISU does its utmost to innovate its Chinese courses with creativity and innovation, in the hopes that students can become talents with great potential who are equipped with a great understanding of interpersonal relationships, outstanding communication skills, critical thinking, and personal creativity.

Student Engagement Network (SEN) .

“Learning outside the classroom” with technology and the Internet as tools, students can transform their learning process into “individual experience” and share with others. In 2019, more than 50 videos were produced and uploaded to the platform for sharing.

Problem-based Capstone Courses .

To improve students’ problem-solving skills and team spirit and to encourage students to compete in national or international competitions.

Faculty Learning Communities for Professional Development .

Innovative teaching not only improves students’ learning outcomes but also helps faculty members stimulate new imagination and inspiration. Therefore, the Center for Teaching and Learning Development of ISU encouraged faculty members to improve their teaching competencies through learning communities. In the 2019 Innovative Teaching Forum in Kaohsiung and Pingtung, three faculty members won the Best Poster Awards.

Innovation and Incubation .

The scale of the Innovative and Creativity Fair in 2019 is unprecedented, introducing systematic and gradual counseling and incubation strategies. With rich experience in innovation and entrepreneurship, ISU gave an outstanding performance in the U-start Plan for Innovation and Entrepreneurship Competition, and six of its teams received subsidies, which made ISU ranked No. 2 nationwide and No. 1 in southern Taiwan in terms of the number of teams receiving a subsidy.

ISU Wins a Platinum Award at 2019 Taiwan Innotech Expo.

The AI Integrated Management Platform developed by a research team led by Dr. Chih-Hui Yang, the Associate Dean of the College of Medicine, was awarded the 16th National Innovation Award. This platform has been clinically tested by E-Da Hospital for one year, showing significant improvement in healthcare quality. ISU formally transferred the platform to eXentric Technology Corp. for practical application.

International Connections .

ISU not only recruits international students, but also creates a total immersion learning environment in English and offers courses taught only in English, in order to enhance local students’ English proficiency. Established in 2013, the ISU Cultural Festival has been a great platform for our talents from more than 50 countries to showcase their unique cultures. It best prostrates the diversity and dynamics of ISU.

I-SHOU let it show .

ISU collaborated with the National Education Radio to produce “I-SHOU let it show,” a radio show at 3:05 p.m. ~ 4 p.m. every Friday. ISU international students and faculty members from some 40 countries are invited to share their cultures and traditions on air.

ISU has entered into a partnership with hundreds of institutions in Europe, the United States, Australia, and Asia. .

ISU and Nottingham Trent University (NTU) jointly offer Pre-Sessional English for Academic Purposes (PEAP) starting from this May. Students have a golden opportunity to earn dual degrees after completing this program.

Making Resources More Public .

ISU provides underprivileged students with a wide variety of guidance and counseling services to strengthen their basic abilities, improve their professional skills, and help them put what have been learned into practice and prepare for future employment. The Devotion Program for Aiding Students is established to fundraise from alumni, corporations, and philanthropists to support underprivileged students whenever they are in need.Higher Education SPROUT Project- Line @ provides information about grants for disadvantaged students and attends inquiries in a timely fashion.

Learning through Engineering, Art, and Design (LEAD) .

A series of workshops were held by ISU to shape students into volunteers equipped with LEAD (Learning through Engineering, Art, and Design) abilities. All volunteers visited hospitals or elementary schools to accompany young patients and make robots with them, in the hopes that these kids can gain knowledge during the activity.

University Social Responsibility Projects of the MOE.

Having been supported by the University Social Responsibility Projects of the Ministry of Education, ISU has collaborated with the Paihe Settlement for four years.