Media Commons

is an open learning space. The Commons offers a new type of software and a simplified video recording setup that create high-quality video production without any previous experience.
All that's needed is a flash drive and you're ready to push a single button.

Who's using the Media Commons¡H


- Rehearsing individual or group oral presentations
- Preparing for conference presentation, thesis and dissertation defenses, poster session or research exhibitions
- Practicing interviewing skills for internship or job interviews
- Creating e-Portfolio content
- Recording videos for recruiting or training new members in students organizations


- Assigning rehearsals of oral presentation before they are due in class or training
- Helping students get ready for thesis and dissertation defense presentations
- Rehearsing conference presentations in advance
- Creating digital teaching material
- Creating videos for student organizations

How to apply¡H

The studio may be reserved for up to two hours. When the studio is available, it can be used on a first-come, first-serve basis. Please visit the web site - Media Commons Booking System to make a reservation or fill in the Application Form and submit it to the Information Network Section of the OLIS.
You'll need your ISU ID Card for checking into the Media Commons.

Environment & Equipment