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[Relay] 2022 International Environmental Issues and Education Workshop (IEIE) for Youth

Date & Time

2022/08/18 – 08/19


Taiwan Semiconductor Manufacturing Co., Ltd. (TSMC Ecological Sustainability Park)


International Students


The 2-day training program aims to uphold the principle of global vision and local action as well as strengthen Taiwan’s role at the forefront of environmental education in the Asia-Pacific region. Aligned with the United Nation’s Sustainable Development Goals (UNSDGs), the program serves as a starting point for understanding various environmental problems and threats faced locally and globally and seeks to inspire potential solutions for environmental problems.

In line with the spirit of the previous IEIE workshops, the theme for this year’s program is air pollution and carbon emission. Participants will comprise mostly foreign students currently studying in Taiwan, followed by local university students who are interested in environmental education, and lastly, practitioners in the field of environmental education.

Local educators and researchers in Taiwan and international students studying in Taiwan will be able to connect with each other, allowing the former to help the latter understand Taiwan’s experience, courses of action, solutions, strategies, and feasibility measures when facing air pollution issues. The program offers references for other countries in dealing with environmental issues, helps expand Taiwan’s influence, and facilitates international cooperation.

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Foreign students mainly from the Asia-Pacific region or other countries currently studying in Taiwan, local university students interested in environmental education, and practitioners in the field of environmental education. The organizer will review the qualifications of the applicants and decide on their admission.

An estimated 28 international students and 4 local participants will be admitted to each session. Alternative admissions are available depending on the situation.

Registration Process

Registration Period: May 17, 2022 (Tue) - June 14 (Tue). Admitted participants will be announced on June 21 (Tuesday)


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