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[Taiwan Exploration] Qianzhen Mullet Roe Factory & Qijin

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2022/07/02 12:30 – 20:30


Mullet Roe Factory, Qijin


ISU Teachers, Students & Officers


The earliest place in Taiwan to start mullet fishing is Kaohsiung, and because old Yancheng is close to the harbor, the fishermen had been fishing for mullet as early as the Dutch colonized Taiwan period. There will be mullet roe, and Qixian Road in Yancheng has gradually developed into a gathering place for mullet roe shops. Although Zhenfang is only two plain in size, it is full of strong feelings for mullet roe. It is also a time-honored brand that has won numerous awards and participated in professional food exhibitions at home and abroad on behalf of Kaohsiung.

In order to let more people know about the authentic mullet culture in Kaohsiung, the second generation took over and transformed into a "Zhenfang Mullet Roe Seeing and Learning Factory", introducing professional production processes and combining cultural and creative tourism, with mullet culture tour guide and DIY experience Activities and somatosensory interactive equipment allow domestic and foreign tourists to better understand Kaohsiung's unique mullet roe cultural industry, continue Kaohsiung's local mullet roe culture, inherit the skills and deep emotions of the first family, and actively promote it, making mullet roe another Taiwanese light.

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