2024-04-19 17:25:15

[Relay] Simplified ver. of Electronic Operation System for 2023 Non-Resident Income Tax Settlement and Declaration

For the tax settlement and declaration of year 2023, the period is from May 1 to May 31, 2024. Overseas Chinese and international students who had salary income in the year 2023 and resided for 183 days or more can process their comprehensive tax declaration and refund of withheld taxes through the "Electronic Settlement and Declaration System for Non-Resident Income Tax".

To provide more user-friendly and friendly services for local overseas and foreign students, the National Taxation Bureau has developed a simplified version of the electronic settlement and declaration system (including three versions in Chinese and English, Chinese and Vietnamese, and Chinese and Hindi) to promote and use. Overseas Chinese and international students can easily and quickly complete the declaration according to the operation instructions without having to go back and forth to the National Taxation Bureau.

If you have any questions about income tax declaration, please call the service hotline (07) 7256600 extensions 7222, 7223, 7226, 7227, and 7836, and a specialist will assist you. If you need to apply in person, please go directly to the Overseas Service Counter of the Kaohsiung National Taxation Bureau Headquarters (Address: No. 148, Guangzhou 1st Street, Lingya District, Kaohsiung City).

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