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[Notice]Reminder before Graduate

⚠️⚠️Reminder for Current Senior Students👩‍🎓:
** If you’re taking courses other than Senior course, your diploma will not be ready until all grades are out.
Graduation Procedure
A. Results of Application for Graduation (In the Information System)
Step 1. Department- Review your graduation qualification according to each department’s regulations (for Master’s students, extra step includes supervisor review).
Step 2. Library- Check if you have unreturned books or fines due (Master’s students shall upload your thesis and submit a printed copy.)
Step 3. Dormitory Section- Check if you have outstanding balance (Online Payment is available)
Step 4. Cashier Section- Check if you have outstanding balance (Online Payment is available)
Step 5. Career Development Center- Fill in the questionnaire (Complete it in information system)
Step 6. Property Management Section- Check if you’ve returned the graduation gown.
If you’ve finished everything mentioned above, the school system will show that you’ve accomplished the school check-out procedure, after that you could receive your certificate at the Registration Section.
B. Diploma collection
You could pick it up in person, authorize someone, or request a mail deliver by Office of Academic Affairs (a new option in Information System)
To download “Letter of Authorization for Diploma Collected by Representative”, click on OICA link
C. Certificate of Graduation - Document Authentication
D. Apply for tax refund. (If you had part-time job and hadn’t completed the tax refund).
E. If you’ll stay and work in Taiwan, bring along your Graduation certificate to National Immigration Agency and renew your ARC for 6 months.
For more information regarding procedure C~E, check OICA webpage:
We wish you have a memorable experience studying in I-Shou University 😉. Please fill out this questionnaire to let us know your next plan in life.
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