Future Development

Future development and careers for graduates of the Program:

  1. Further Studies: Students may apply for the following postgraduate programs for tourism and hospitality or pursue further studies in domestic or overseas institutes: Institute of Tourism and Recreation, Institute of Tourism Management, Institute of Leisure and Recreation Management, Institute of Hospitality Management, Institute of Applied Living Science, MBA programs, Institute of Human Resource Management, etc.
  2. Careers Students may work in the sectors of business management, service, event planning in entities related to tourism and hospitality, such as domestics and overseas travel agencies, convention and exhibition centers, conference and exhibition organizing companies, leisure activities planning companies, leisure activities marketing companies, touring businesses (tour managers and tourist guides), etc. Being staff in hotels (including international hotels, business hotels, leisure hotels, private-owned hotels), chain food service industries, operators in theme parks, or government employees by passing civil service examinations are also possible jobs for the graduates of the Program.