ISU has made a massive investment in creating the most comprehensive teaching environment as well as facilities and equipment to fulfill curriculum requirements. The facilities include a Chinese culinary lab, a western culinary lab, a baking classroom, a scenario teaching restaurant, a mixology center, a training restaurant, a training hotel, a practicum travel agency, a customer service training classroom, a housekeeping demo room, functional demo classrooms, a language lab, a multimedia lab, etc. The software installed includes food & beverage information systems, hotel information systems, tourism resources information systems, travel information systems, travel industry information systems, airline reservation systems, geographic information systems, etc.

Moreover, the Program integrates hospitality and tourism resources provided by E United Group for students to practice their skills, such as E-Da Theme Park, E-Da Outlet Mall, E-Da Royal Hotel, E-Da Skylark Hotel, etc., around the E-Da World. The Program has also collaborated with hospitality and tourism entities nationwide to provide students with internship opportunities in hotels, resorts, airlines, travel agencies, Taiwan High Speed Railway, etc.