To maintain teaching quality, the stellar cast of teaching faculty at the Program is recruited from the Dept. of Tourism, the Dept. of Hospitality Management, the Dept. of Leisure Management, and the Dept. of Culinary Arts Management. A total of 22 faculty members teach at the Program, including one professor, 7 associate professors, 12 assistant professors, and 2 lecturers.

The faculty’s research fields cover leisure, tourism, hospitality, culinary arts, management, marketing, education, culture, etc. Professionals from these industries also offer support in teaching practical skills. By enhancing students’ theoretical and practical abilities, the Program aims at nurturing talents and meeting the needs of the industries of tourism and hospitality.

In addition, ISU has established the Indigenous Development Center and recruited faculty members with indigenous origin to help students with academic performance and daily life for the purpose of supporting students adapting themselves to the university life and learning without concerns. Students of the Program will surely enjoy learning on campus as well as acquiring professional knowledge and training.