Our Specialties and Features

On the basis of the theoretical knowledge of international mass communication, our program provides an English teaching environment and the courses are designed for training students' practical techniques and applications with transnational and conformable mass communication concepts.

To qualify students to have bilingual communication, professional knowledge, international perspective, and independent thinking abilities, our courses are designed in 2 curriculum fields, one is “Convergent Media and Production Studies” and another is “Digital Communication and Media Studies.”

Curriculum Mapping

To be in line with communication educational concepts, the program endeavors to cultivate and motivate students to apply what they learn to the related domains, broaden horizons and focus on the related international issues.

In the College of Communication and Design, there are four other departments which are Mass Communication, Film and Television, Digital Media Design, and Creative Product Design, we share the professional faculties and plentiful resources to strengthen students’ interdisciplinary learning experience and provide internship shots and off-site training.

Career Perspective

  1. Verbal Communication: In addition to being a journalist and editorial interview or newspaper worker, we design “Creative Thinking” courses to cultivate innovative thinking on advertising design to diversify students’ job options.
  2. Arts Communication: By learning the novel image dissemination and information technology, students can be in capacity as a photographer, guide, editor, animator, or screen artist, etc.
  3. Digital Technology: Image plane, dynamic image, multimedia creation, 3D animation, etc.
  4. Communication Research: A scholar, pollster, researcher, etc.