The International College curriculum is designed around five core skills: thinking skills, social skills, research skills, self-management skills, and communication skills. In practice, this means that learning tends to be task-based rather than fact-based. It also means that students have opportunities to explore topics independently and collaboratively with the goal of articulating critical responses both orally and in writing. Over ten countries are represented among the highly qualified faculty in International College’s four departments. This gives the college a strong sense of being part of a global community, which is reinforced by the fact that all courses are delivered entirely in English. An important consequence of this is that, as students interact with their professors and each other in English, they naturally become better prepared to fulfill their role as citizens in a global society. Over the past two decades, university students have become more internationally mobile, and universities in which English is the medium of instruction have become the most popular destination for the majority of international students. However, while the ability for such students to communicate effectively in English is certainly important, it is not enough. They also need to be able to cultivate a global outlook. It is for this reason that the International College curriculum places great emphasis on encouraging students to adopt a global perspective. In addition, with classmates from various countries in Asia, Europe, Africa and Latin America, International College students have the opportunity to experience being global citizens while at the same time maintaining and sharing their own distinct cultural identity. Unlike students in many other institutions, they do not need to wait until they enter the international workplace to learn how to balance these two competing pressures. They are already prepared. Taiwan is a vibrant, friendly, and exciting country. In particular, I-Shou University’s International College is a place where you can broaden your cultural and intellectual horizons while at the same time developing important skills such as creativity and critical thinking in a stimulating international academic environment. Choosing International College is more than just a pathway to a well-paid job; it is also a place where you can cultivate your membership in the global community. It's unique.