About Us

The Department of Public Policy and Management (DPPM) was founded in 2000. It now offers an undergraduate program and a master's program.

 The DPPM has been endeavoring to develop itself into a major research and education hub of public affairs management in southern Taiwan. The department is composed of two streamspublic policy and public managementthat are further being shaped by the drive of knowledge economy and globalization. Under the impact of globalization and democratization, the management of the public sector becomes a demanding and increasingly challenging work. The government administration has to refresh itself with new knowledge and new public affairs management tools. The Public affairs management has become more complex, transforming itself from the paradigm of traditional “public administration” towards a paradigm of participatory “public management.” The DPPM rides on this new trend to take an interdisciplinary approach to the education of public affairs management, different from the traditional “public administration” one.

 The DPPM’s pedagogical policy lies on the merging of “theory and practice” by which students are expected to take well command of theoretical knowledge of public affairs management and to gain adequate practical training so as to enhance their competitiveness in the job market and to equip themselves for their long-term career development. Hence, all graduates from the DPPM are supposed to be well equipped with a profound awareness of public affairs management and have accepted short-term training in the public sector.

In addition, they should also possess an elementary level of research ability on public affairs. In addition, the graduates should be generalists, possessing the ability to cope with volatile and ever-changing social demands. In order to attain this goal, besides the classes in the school, the DPPM arranges an internship course for our students, so they can personally experience works in the public sector and test what they have learnt from the classes, really attaining the goal of merging theory and practice, and the ability of our students would be thus highly enhanced. As a result, they would become self-confident talents and are able to undertake various tasks independently after graduation. This kind of talent is what our society and the job market are longing for.