Hong-Cheng Liu


Professor Chair

    EducationDoctor of Public Administration. University of La Verne

    Contact Number+886 7 6577711 Ext. 5866

    Current ResearchPublic Management, Crisis and Emergency Management, Performance Management, Privatization

    Current TeachingCrisis and Disaster Management, Privatization and Public Management, Introduction to Globalization, Introduction to Computer and Information System, The Application of Information Technology

Hung-Chin Hsiao

Education Ph.D in Public administration(US)
Contact Number
+886 7 657-7711 ext. 5861


Current Research public management, non-market strategic management, human resource management

 Current Teaching

   Jie-Shing Lin 


EducationPh.D. in Economics (UK)
Contact Number+886 7 657-7711 ext. 5864

 BackgroundHaving graduated from School of Economic Studies, University of Manchester in the UK, Jie-Shin joined the staff the Department of Public Policy and Management, I-Shou University in 2002. He is a member of the international Society of Computational Economics and is the director of Research on Public Policy and Regional Economy, IEK, ITRI.

Current ResearchCurrently Jie-Shin is concentrating on the complexity of economic and political system, especially, political election. He continues to work on both computational agent-based modelling of economic, social and political system.

 Current TeachingEconomics, Mathematical Economics, Introduction to computer Science,System Simulation, Public Policy and Management, Policy Analysis and Simulation.

 Chia-Chou Wang


EducationPh.D. in Sociology
Contact Number
+886 7 6577711 Ext. 5869

 Book Chapters
Wang, Chia-chou. 2003. “Prospect of China Political Change and Democracy.” in Tse-hsiung Shih, ed.. Discover Contemporary China, Taipei: Yang-Chih Book Co., Ltd Press.

Wang, Chia-chou. 2003. “Type and Influence of China Central and Local Relationship.” in Tse-hsiung Shih, ed.. Discover Contemporary China, Taipei: Yang-Chih Book Co., Ltd Press.

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Wang, Chia-chou, 1997. “An Analysis of the Democratic Movements on the Chinese Mainland.” East Asia Quarterly, Vol. 28, No.3, pp.107-23.

Research Projects
1. Analysis of Strategic Interaction Between Central and Local During the Period of Fighting SARS in China —Cases of Guangdong and Beijing (NSC 92-2414-H-470-001)

2. The Possible Action of the Provinces upon China’s Policy Toward Taiwan—The Case of Using Force Against Taiwan (NSC 93-2414-H-464-001)

3. Pioneering, Bandwagoning or Resisting : Forecast and Testify of Strategy of Each Province under Deflationary Policy in Mainland China Year 2004 (NSC94-2414-H-464-003)

4. Political Interest and Resource Allocation: The Capability of the Provinces Influence the Central Policy in PRC (NSC 95-2414-H-214-002)

Research Areas and InterestsComparative Politics,Intergovernmental Relation,Cross Strait Relations. 

Chih-Lung Huang        

Associate Professor 

EducationPh.D.in Social welfare (TW)
Contact Number
+886 7 657-7711 ext. 5865

 BackgroundHaving graduated from the Social welfare department, National Chung-Cheng University in Taiwan, Chih-lung joined the staff the Department of Public Policy and Management, I-Shou University in 2005. Now he is a member of Taiwanese Social Welfare Association.

Current ResearchCurrently Chin-lung is concentrating on social welfare theories and social security system, especially under the transition of labour market. He continues to work on life-course policy of the advanced welfare state, especially the member states of the EU.

Current TeachingSociology,Labor market policy,The introduction to political science,The policy analysis of the third-sector                                                 

Yu-Chen Lan

Associate Professor
EducationPh.D.in Political Science (NCCU, Taiwan)
Contact Number
+886 7 657-7711 ext. 5868

 BackgroundProf. Lan received his academic training from a variety of fields and institutions. He graduated from Naval Communication and Electronics School (TW) and Anti-Submarine Warfare Traning Center (USA), where he was trained as an electronic technician and course instructor. During his service in the Navy, he got his B.A. form NCKU, majored in English and German. After leaving the Navy, he went to Wuerzburg University, Germany to begin his study in political science. He finally got his M.A. from CCU (Taiwan)in 1997 and Ph.D. from NCCU in 2004. During his Ph.D. progamm, he joined and worked intensively with international research projects, which included “DPP 2000 (Smith-Richardson Foundation, USA)”, “IPC Globalization Study: Taiwan Project (MIT, USA)” and “Escaping the Vicious Spiral of Welfare without Work: Germany and the Netherlands in Comparison (MPIfG, Germany)”.

Current ResearchProf. Lan joined the PPM, ISU in 2004. He teaches courses in the field of comparative politics in general, welfare politics and international political economy in particular. His current research interests include the politics of welfare reform in advanced democracies and the politics of welfare formation in East Asian NICs.

Current TeachingPolitics,Comparative Governments & Politics,Political Economy,Comparative Health Policy.

Wen-Yen Wu 

Assistant Professor
Ph.D. in Urban Planning (TW)
Contact Number
+886 7 657-7711 ext. 5871 

BackgroundHaving graduated from The Department of Urban Planning, National Chen Kung University, Taiwan, wen-yen joined the staff of the Department of Public Policy and Management, I-Shou University in 2009. He is a member of Urban Planner Association, a commissioner of Public Works Commission , Executive Yuan, had a professional career in Kaohsiung City Government for 28 years , who had been served as a Deputy Director of Urban Development Bureau, Public Works Bureau, as well as holding a capacity as Executive Secretary of Urban Planning Commission, Advisor of Mayor.

Current ResearchCurrently wen-yen is focus on the Urban Development practice and Construction Engineering Management. At meantime, He is finding the way to reduce in Public Works Civil litigation Scenario dispute, and continuing to work on the best practice in between Public sector, Construction Engineering and Law system.

Current TeachingCase study of Urban Development and Governance, Research of Public Management, Regional Integration and Public Policy, Special Topics of National Comprehensive Planning.

Ming-Hsiao Wu 

Assistant Professor
Ph.D. in Social Science (TW)
Contact Number
+886 7 657-7711 ext. 5863 

BackgroundHaving graduated from The Department of Social Science, National Sun Yet-Sen University, Taiwan.

Current Research1.Legislation issues in Local Self-Government 2.The legislative trends about Climate Change adaptation policy 3.Human rights of Constitution

Current TeachingConstitution, Administrative Law, Local Autonomy Law, Social Insurance Law.