Dual Major in Finance and International Trade

I   Curriculum and Capabilities


II Features

  • Dual major in finance and international trade 
  • English-only learning environment
  • Faculty exceeding AACSB academic requirements
  • Analytical skills using Excel, R, VBA, SQL, from basic to advanced
  • Abroad exchange program
  • Industry internship program 
  • Financial employment programs 
  • International trade employment programs 

III Future Perspectives for Graduates

Equipped with sound financial knowledge and international trade proficiency, our graduates are more adaptive to the ever-changing environment. They are highly competitive in both pursuing higher education and seeking employment in job markets. For career development, our graduates acquired jobs related to finance, accounting, investment, economic analysis and international trade. They can choose to serve in financial institutions or international trade departments in manufacturing corporations.

Contact Person: Department Secretary Miss Julia Wang (wccjulia@isu.edu.tw)