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 1.     出國申請表

 2.     交換生具結書

 3.     中文前一學期成績單(含班級人數及排名)

 4.     英文歷年成績單

 5.     外語能力證明影本(報考證明)

 6.     其他有助於審查資料




有任何問題歡迎至國際處找國際移動力中心 涂美羚Mandy (

2022 Exchange Program Application (ExchangeErasmus+) 

Application Date2021.09.3-2021.09.30

Exchange Period: 2022.01-2022.06, Spring Semester

 Submit Documents: (Documents Download:

 1.    Application Form

2.    Declaration of Indemnity

3.    Academic Score Certificate of Last Semester in Chinese (include ranking)

4.    English academic transcript of all semesters

5.    Copy of valid certificate of foreign language proficiency

6.    Other supplemental certificates or documents


«Due to the postpone of the school session, please submit the documents by soft copy first, then submit a hard copy during the first week of school session to Mandy, Global Mobility Center, OICA. Please complete the submission before deadline. (

Please submit the documents to Mandy, Global Mobility Center, OICA during the first week of school session. Please complete all the submission before deadline, late submission will not be accepted.  

If you have any question, please feel free to contact Mandy. (


由於第一階段交換申請已於109春季學期徵選完畢,某些熱門學校已無交換名額, 剩餘交換名額請見110春季學期交換申請名額一覽表

For the reason that the first step of 2021 exchange application had done in 2021 Spring semester, some sister schools have run out of quotas. Please make sure the remaining quotas in 2020 Exchange School Quota