The Department of Medical Science and Biotechnology at I-Shou University was established in 2001. The Department offers a quality 4-year program and aims at training a new breed of outstanding specialists and professionals in bioscience. Through multi-channel admissions, students can choose to enter the department through a nationwide entrance examination, individual applications, or recommendations.


 The academic program is based on Molecular Biology. All students are required to take core courses including General Biology, Microbiology, Cell Biology and Biochemistry. After having a solid background in the core courses listed above, students may choose a specific field in Biomedicine, Bioinformatics or Bioengineering. The minimum requirement for obtaining the diploma is 135 credits. Among the 135 credits, 54 credits are for required courses, 53 credits for elective courses which include foreign languages, 18 credits for general courses, and 10 credits for liberal arts courses.

In addition to offering courses in the biotechnology fields, we also encourage students to explore other departments at the University, such as the Department of Biomedical Engineering, the Department of Electronic Engineering, the Department of Materials Science and Engineering, the Department of Biotechnology and Chemical Engineering, the Department of Information Engineering, etc. We not only strengthen and broaden students’ knowledge but also train students to obtain hands-on experiences in laboratories. In order to achieve this goal, each teacher mentors 8-10 students to perform independent projects during university studies. In the summer, we also encourage students to stay at the University to finish their projects or to take internships in other academic centers or inter-school laboratories.

The Department has many experienced teachers with strong backgrounds in their specialties. So far, there are three full-time professors, one associate professor, and eleven assistant professors. They all have PhD degrees in biological fields. In addition, we have two visiting professors. Our goal is to recruit more qualified teachers from overseas in the near future.

Laboratories: We have General Biology/Biochemistry Lab, Molecular Biology/ Cell Biology/Microbiology Lab, Immunology/Bioengineering and Fermentation Lab, and Bioinformatics Lab.

Equipment: We have FUJIFILM LA 3000 Luminometer, Fluorescence Microscope with Digital Imaging Processing, NIKON 80i upright Fluorescence Microscope, NIKON TE2000U inverted Fluorescence Microscope, TS100 inverted Fluorescence Microscope, UVP GD 8000 gel imaging system , HITACHI CF16RX Centrifugation, FT-IR , UV Cross-linker, Spectrophotometer, Atomic Absorption Spectrophotometer, Cell Culture Incubator, Pure Water Manufacture Machine, Sonicator, PCR Machine, HPLC, incubators, automatic Autoclave, Fermenters , Laminar flows and Flow Cytometry.

Career Development

Biotechnology is one of the major industries supported by the government. The market in our field is very prosperous, demanding and broad. It covers cancer therapy, disease diagnosis, drug development, environmental treatment, and food industry. Our graduates have many job choices from medical, agriculture and food industries to environmental science. There is almost no career restriction for them. In addition to entering the job market, pursuing further education is also a good choice for our students.

Degrees Offered

Bachelor of Science (BS)

Master of Science (MS)