The curriculum is designed to meet the anticipated needs in two fields: creative media and film & television communication. Respective courses of the two fields are offered so that our students can acquire different professional competences.

brief introduction to key course features of the two fields is as follows:

  1. Creative Media: by means of graphic design and 3D animations, students are taught to:
    • acquire professional skills at integration and application of different pieces of software
    • acquire professional skills of carrying out projects
    • analyze in detail the differences between 2D and 3D animations and write
    • scripts
    • acquire professional knowledge and core competences in design aesthetics
  2. Film & Television Communication: including necessary preparations (scripts, media makeup, lighting, recording, performances, etc.) and post-production (editing, dubbing, background music, etc.). It is expected to teach students about professional knowledge and skills of image production, management and performing through an all-round education.