ISU Students Embark on Learning Journey from Classroom to Outdoors.

The abundance of life experience is the best inspiration for creation. The Department of Film and Television not only teaches students how to produce films but also encourages them to experience their personal lives and lives in different workplaces because what they have experienced will become sources of inspiration for their creations.

ISU Students Win Championship at Core77 Design Awards.

ISU put its creativity on the map! Fresh graduates of the Department of Creative Product Design under the College of Communication and Design crafted a piece of transforming furniture “Fun!ture,” which can function as a slide and a lounger, and were recognized as the student winner in the category of Furniture & Lighting Award of the Core77 Design Awards.

ISU Recognized by Ministry of Education for Its Metaverse Teaching.

To nurture professionals in the metaverse industry, ISU has put a big effort into offering innovative interdisciplinary courses relating to the metaverse and combined the metaverse with digital courses to improve the teacher-student interaction and the immersive experience in class, in the hopes that students can develop their interests in learning and explore diverse learning contents on their own. What ISU has achieved now is recognized by the Ministry of Education.

ISU Transforms Chinese Classic Text into VR Game.

After one year of implementation of the industry-university collaborative project on the Classic of Mountains and Seas, an achievement exhibition was held. At the exhibition, students’ creativity was integrated with the creation of Tao Wei, the winner of the 26th Global Chinese Culture & Arts Award, to create a VR game and film.

ISU Students Win Four Prizes at Green Idea Invention and Design Fair.

The faculty members and students of the Department of Electrical Engineering under the College of Intelligent Science and Technology won one titanium prize, one silver prize, and two bronze prizes at the 2022 Green Idea Invention and Design Fair by presenting creative design and innovation relating to sustainability and interdisciplinary integration.

ISU Brings Home 3 Awards from Taiwan Innotech Expo 2022.

Having outshone more than 1,000 innovative technologies showcased by 460 manufacturers from some 20 countries around the world at the Taiwan Innotech Expo 2022, ISU won two gold medal awards and one bronze medal award with “How to Evaluate the Compliance of Soft Tissues with Cupping” presented by the Department of Physical Therapy under the College of Medicine, “Multiple Acupoints Fraxel Laser Acupuncture System” by the Department of Biomedical Engineering under the College of Medical Science and Technology, and “Current Controverter” by the Department of Electrical Engineering under the College of Intelligent Science and Technology.

ISU Students Win Recognition from Industrial Technology Research Institute.

Green energy is a future trend, and the development of solar panels plays a crucial role in environmental sustainability. The students of the Department of Electrical Engineering won the Best Proposal Award from the Industrial Technology Research Institute with the research and development of a solar panel washer and the design and planning of a solar power system for the Tsoying Naval Base.

ISU Alumnus from Seediq Tribe Win MATA Award.

Pitu.Hane from the Seediq tribe, a fresh graduate from ISU, won the Best Documentary at the 9th MATA Award with his first documentary Malu Uma.

ISU Nurtures Sustainable Talent Through Interdisciplinary Collaboration.

Sustainability has become a new trend for corporations when it comes to nurturing talent. ISU, as a university that has always been ahead of the future trends, shows its innovation and insight in higher education by introducing the concept of sustainability into institutional administration, innovative teaching, social responsibility, environment building, international mobility, and career connection, in order to facilitate sustainable development through education and in daily life. What ISU has achieved so far has earned itself a silver award in the non-profit organization category of the Corporate Sustainability Report Awards from the 2021 Taiwan Corporate Sustainability Awards.