Full-time Faculty

曾士杰CJ Tseng

Title: Professor of Chair of Dept. of Entertainment Management

Education Background: Ph.D. in Education Philosophy, University of Virginia, USA

MFA, University of Oklahoma, USA

BSc, University of Central Oklahoma

Specialty: Research specialty: Photographic Art, Visual Communication, Multiculturalism, Educational Philosophy

Office: 60809-2/Ext: 8851

e-mail: sjtseng@isu.edu.tw

張澔 Hao Chang

Title: Professor and Chair of Dept. of Tourism and Hospitality

Education Background: PhD., Technical University of Berlin

Specialty: Modern Culture and History, Sociology, Professional Ethics and Social Responsibility and Research Projects >> >>

Office: 60901B/Ext:5247

e-mail: changhao@isu.edu.tw

宋一夫 If Sung

Title:Professor of Chair of Office of Physical Education

Education Background: Department of Physical Education, National Taiwan Normal University, Taiwan

Specialty:Sports coaching, Water recreation planning, Wrestling, Swimming

Office:1505B /Ext: 5251

e-mail: if@isu.edu.tw

吳岱栖Tai-Chi Wu

Title: Assistant Professor and Director of Office of International and Cross-Strait Affairs

Education Background: Ph.D., Mississippi State University, U.S.A.

Specialty: Systematic Innovation (TRIZ), MICE Simulation and Scheduling, RFID Applications in MICE industry, Project Management, Electronic Commerce, Systems Analysis and Design, Customer Relation Management, Logistics Management, Gaming Service, Entertainment Managementand Research Projects >>

Office: 60811B/Ext:8861


張姮燕Heidi Chang

Title: Assistant Professor

Education Background: Ph.D., Purdue University, U.S.A.

Specialty: Hospitality Management, Food & Beverage Management, Organizational Behavior and Organizational Theory in Hospitality Industry, Human Resource Management and Research Projects >>

Office: 60811D/Ext: 886


楊慧珍Jane Yang

Title: Assistant Professor

Education Background: Ph.D., Iowa State University,U.S.A.

Specialty: Child Development, English Teaching, Children's English Education, Psychology, Academic Works and Research Projects >>



湯偉James Batcho

Title: Project Assistant Professor

Education Background: Doctor of Philosophy, European Graduate School, Swiss

Specialty: Script Writing, Storytelling, Video and Digital Photography

研究室/分機:60901D/ Ext: 8863

e-mail: jbatcho@isu.edu.tw

莊自得 Peter Gilks

Title: Project Assistant Professor

Education Background: PhD., Australian National University, Australia

Specialty: Asian Popular Culture, Popular Music Marketing, TESOL

Office: 60811C/Ext:8862


羅智軒 Robert Kiss

Title: Project Assistant Professor

Education Background: Ph.D., in Tourism Geography, Pecs University, Hungary

Specialty: Tourism Geography, Leisure and Entertainment Industry, Tourism in Sports and Golf , Consumer Behavior, Academic Worksand Research Projects >>

Office: 60801D/Ext: 8815


何姬詩 Grace Ho

Title: Assistant Professor

Education Background: Doctor of Hotel & Tourism Management, The Hong Kong Polytechnic University, Hong Kong

MSc in Hotel & Tourism Management,The Hong Kong Polytechnic University, Hong Kong

MBA, City University of Hong Kong, Hong Kong

Certified Hospitality Educator (CHE), America Hotel and Lodging Association

Specialty: Management of MICE Events, International Business Management, Strategic Management, International Marketing Management, Service Management, Wine & Spirit Management, Hospitality & Tourism Management

and Research Projects >>

Office: 60903B/Ext: 8864