The Headquarters for Industry-University Collaboration and Intellectual Property Management is a first-level administrative unit with several subordinate units, including the Innovation and Incubation Center, the Industry-University Collaboration, Patent and Technology Transfer Center, the Precious Instrument Center, the Biotechnology and Biomedical Engineering Center, and the ISU Innovation Hub. The Headquarters not only actively offers a one-stop service for industry-university collaboration but also pools resources of R & D, incubation, industry-university collaboration, and technology transfer. Moreover, the Headquarters actively assists faculty members with the commodification of R & D outcomes, matches faculty members and students up with industries, and makes good use of resources from within and outside the University for innovation and incubation.


Industry-University Collaboration, Patent and Technology Transfer Center: Integrating internal and external resources to assist incubatee companies in applying for project grants and carrying out industry-university collaborative projects, and providing consultation and support services for the management of R & D outcomes and intellectual property rights.
Innovation and Incubation Center: Assisting companies in being stationed at the University, and providing them with technical support and consultation services for business incubation and industry-university collaboration.
Precious Instrument Center: Providing personnel and precious instruments to facilitate research and establishing a precious instrument sharing platform.
Biotechnology and Biomedical Engineering Center: Supporting research and development in the fields of biotechnology and biomedicine and promoting industry-university collaboration.
ISU Innovation Hub: Assisting startups in being stationed, promoting maker workshops, and providing maker equipment and tools as well as a co-working space.