Principles and Features

The Center for General Education (CGE) of I-Shou University originated from the General Education Committee of the Office of Academic Affairs. In August 2002, the former President, Professor Shen-Li Fu, decided to upgrade the quality of general education. Therefore, the Committee was reintegrated and reorganized with other academic and administrative units and established as a college-level center. :


The curriculum includes required core courses in Chinese Literature, English, Civic Literacy, Codes in Health and Medicine, Programming, and Smart Tech 101 as well as electives in Life Themes, Arts and Aesthetics, Language Communication and Expression, Cultural Thoughts and Education, Themes in Social Sciences, Technological Development and Humanity, and Nature, Environment and Humanity.


To expand students’ interdisciplinary and multicultural experience and practice a well-rounded education, the Center, adopting a team-teaching and well-organized approach, invites well-known specialists from a wide variety of fields to give students inspiring lectures based on their specialties.


The speakers invited for general education are famous specialists or scholars with strong theoretical and industrial backgrounds.


Art events are held regularly on campus in the hope of expanding students’ backgrounds in liberal arts.