Educational Objective  


To teach students  professional knowledge of communication engineering.


To train students to have practical skills as well as communication technologies.


To cultivate students the essentials of engineering ethics.


To improve students' capabilities of global perspective and innovation.


Core Competences

To learn  professional knowledge in areas such as wideband communications, wireless communications as well as electro-optical and communication devices.

 Students with the experimental skills in communication, network, and optoelectronics.

Students cultivated through the provision of papers references collection as well as borderless and innovative education.

Students with the essential English skills of reading English textbooks as well as listening comprehension and writing.

To enhance students'     skills in  project management and learning in a cooperative way.

To cultivate students with the essentials of engineering ethics and cultural perspective.

To learn  essential knowledge in areas such as mathematics, physics, and electronics.

Students with the essential skills of running program simulation, optoelectronic technique, and modern network-communication engineering.