International Student Representative

I-Shou University currently has some 1,500 students coming from more than 40 countries all over the world. In order to gather feedbacks and stay connected with students with various cultural backgrounds, international student representatives (ISR) from each country/region are invited to meet with school administrators once every month. Moreover, ISR members are actively involved in organizing campus events, providing assistance to their peer students. They founded International Student Union (ISUISU) to promote fellowship, unity, mutual assistance and brotherhood among ISU students.
ISUISU’s role is vital to the whole international student body that acts as the “United Nation” of the university. The students joining the organization are all comprised of volunteers spending their time and effort achieving the goal of equal and quality service to all the student in the university. One of ISUISU’s role in the community is holding events like the annual Culture Festival celebration that includes TEDxIShouUniversity, Mr. & Ms. I-Shou Ambassador, international food booth, performance, and more. This way, it encourages everyone to welcome and appreciate the diversity that is abundant in the university.

You are welcome to contact these ISRs reach to ISUISU and get advice from them.

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