ISU Students Enjoy Their First Anchor Experiences.

The trends and strategies of municipal administration change rapidly over time, and to better understand that, faculty members and students of the Department of Public Policy and Management visited the Kaohsiung City Government for Smart City Trends. To better understand the media industry, 38 faculty members and students of the International Program on Communication Production under the College of Communication and Design and the Department of Entertainment Management under the International College visited Ching-Lien CATV and learned how to be an anchor..

ISU Students Take 1st and 2nd Places at Intelligent Robot Competition .

Under the tutelage of Dr. Chin-Liang Chen, students of the Department of Electronic Engineering took 1st and 2nd places at the Mbot match of the 5th Creative and Intelligent Robot Theme Competition (CIRTC) in 2020.

ISU Indigenous Students Win Gold Medal Award at Culinary Competition .

An alumnus and a student of ISU, both from the Paiwan tribe, competed in the 3rd Lima Indigenous Culinary Competition, bringing home a gold medal award with rich and creative cuisines.

ISU Collaborates with Streber-Tech with the Support of MOST.

To assist in nurturing high-tech talents, the Department of Industrial Management took part in a science park talent cultivation program supported by the Ministry of Science and Technology (MOST) and collaborated with Streber-Tech Co., LTD. with the aim of equipping students with hands-on experience.

ISU Establishes College of Intelligent Science and Technology for Future AI Talents .

ISU held an unveiling ceremony on August 3, 2020, to celebrate the inauguration of the College of Intelligent Science and Technology. The College of Intelligent Science and Technology not only updates its equipment and facilities but also incorporates rich resources from other colleges, E United Group, and E-Da Hospital. The College will focus on the interdisciplinary development of medicine and smart technology and emphasize interdisciplinary applications and innovative teaching through industry-university collaboration and curriculum innovation..

ISU Shares and Transfers Smart Tech Achievements .

The AI Integrated Management Platform developed by a research team led by Dr. Chih-Hui Yang, the Associate Dean of the College of Medicine, was awarded the 16th National Innovation Award. This platform has been clinically tested by E-Da Hospital for one year, showing significant improvement in healthcare quality. ISU formally transferred the platform to eXentric Technology Corp. for practical application..

ISU Faculty Arouses Public Awareness of Turtles with Award-winning Poster. .

Assistant Prof. Mong-Fen Tsai of the Department of Creative Product Design used the idea of persistence of vision when designing her poster “Return of the Turtle,” trying to remind the public of a truth that everyone is unwilling to accept, and her remarkable work was recognized and awarded by the Red Dot Design Award.

ISU Gives Splendid Performance in U-start Plan Competition .

With rich experience in innovation and entrepreneurship, ISU gave an outstanding performance in the U-start Plan for Innovation and Entrepreneurship Competition, and six of its teams received subsidies, which made ISU ranked No. 2 nationwide and No. 1 in southern Taiwan in terms of the number of teams receiving a subsidy..

ISU International Students Holds English Summer Camp for Elementary School Students. .

ISU international students chose to stay in Taiwan this summer due to the COVID-19 pandemic, but they did not stay here for nothing. Instead, they did something meaningful. For example, the international students of the Department of International Business Administration actively worked with the teachers of Fu-Tien Elementary School in Pingtung County to hold an English camp, providing elementary school students with interesting and diverse English lessons.

ISU Facutly and Indigenous Students Hold Blessing Ceremony with Site Preparation.

Faculty members and students of the College of Indigenous Studies, coming from 16 indigenous tribes, gathered together at a vast wasteland on campus on May 7, 2020, to hold a site preparation blessing ceremony, hoping to experience the close relationship between human and soil through cultivation with their own hands.

ISU Indigenous Students Learn from Exploration of Indigenous Villages. .

What will happen when indigenous students explore indigenous villages? Having been supported by the University Social Responsibility Projects of the Ministry of Education, ISU has collaborated with the Paihe Settlement for four years. This year, ISU indigenous students visited the Dewen Village and learned a lot from the interaction with the locals.

ISU Fulfills USR in Nearby Communities .

Having been driven by the University Social Responsibility Projects of the Ministry of Education, the College of Medicine at ISU gathered its departments and proposed a project, encouraging faculty members and students to nurture young innovators with smart biotechnology, in the hopes that faculty members and students can impart their knowledge to nearby communities and junior and elementary school students and make professional healthcare interesting.