About Us

The Department of Tourism was established in 2007, and in the same year took in freshman students. In response to regional industry development and the need for professional individuals, the program for the Division of Continuing Education was initiated in 2009. The goal of the Department of Tourism is to cultivate professionals with international visions and effective managerial ability. The curriculum planning took into consideration social trends and the development of the tourism industry and set to nurture professionals for the need of the industry. The development of the curriculum program has two core streams: “Travel Planning” and “Business Event Planning.” This is achieved through instructors’ devotion to teaching and internship program that offers practical training to upgrade students with the necessary skills for a career. The department is supported by 7 full-time faculty members with PhD backgrounds. The teaching and academic research specialty include convention & exhibition, tourism industry, service in the food and beverage industry, leisure and recreation industry, and tourism policy. The Department of Tourism values the importance of foreign language proficiency; therefore, foreign language courses taught by foreign instructors will be taken into consideration in the future. Besides the emphasis on receiving foreign language certificates, a half-year internship program is in place to acquaint students with the necessary practical skills, knowledge awareness as well as the capacity to understand the current situation of the tourism industry.  Its purpose is to assist with the identification and selection of future career.