Dr. Peitsang Pete Wu
Associate Professor & Chair
Ph.D. in Operations Research, North Carolina State University, USA
Current Research Interest:
Neural Networks, Artificial Intelligence, Fuzzy Theory, Operation Management, Operations Research

Ext: 8701 & 5520
Office: 60705-1 
Room: 1616D
E-mail: pwu@isu.edu.tw

Dr. TK Peng
Professor & Dean of International College
Ph.D. in Management, Texas Tech University, USA
Current Research Interest:
Research Methodology, Human Resource Management, 
Organizational Behavior

Ext: 8006
Office: 60205-1 
Room: 1616D
E-mail: tkpeng@isu.edu.tw

Associate Professor
Ph.D. in Industrial Engineering and Management, University of Novisad, Serbia
Current Research Interest:
Intellectual Capital, Innovation Knowledge Management, Change Management

Ext: 8719
Room: 60701B
E-mail: sladjana@isu.edu.tw

Dr. Joe Lee
Associate Professor
Ph.D., Norwegian School of Economics, Norway
Current Research Interest:
Emotional Intelligence and Personality, Interpersonal Trust, Cognitive Dissonance, Attitude toward Mistake and Failure

Ext: 8715
Room: 60701C
E-mail: joelee@isu.edu.tw

Dr. Hsiang-Ning Rebecca Chu
Assistant Professor
Ph.D., University of Texas at Austin, USA
Current Research Interest:
General and Second Language Learning Strategies, Psychology of Learners, Acculturation and Cross-Cultural Adjustment, Second Language Acquisition, Motivation and Emotion, Computer-Mediated Discussion Used in College Classroom Settings

Ext: 8718
Room: 60703A
E-mail: hsiangning@isu.edu.tw

Dr. Anna Warangkana Lin
Assistant Professor
Ed.D., The University of Hong Kong, SAR, China
Current Research Interest:
Internationalization in Higher Education, Cultural approach in Higher Education Development, Comparative and International Education, School improvement, Professional Learning Communities(PLCs), Social Network Analysis, Teacher Leadership, School Improvement  

Ext: 8711
Room: 60703B
E-mail: annalinw@isu.edu.tw

Dr. Behzad Foroughi
Assistant Professor
Ph.D., University Sains Malaysia
Current Research Interest:
Consumer Behavior, Marketing Management, Cross Cultural Marketing.

Ext: 8713
Room: 60703C
E-mail: foroughi@isu.edu.tw



 Lillian Tang

 Ext: 8702
 Room: 60705-2
 E-mail: lfltang@isu.edu.tw