The Department of International Business Administration is established to develop business managers that have strong international competitiveness. The Department is staffed with professional instructors from home and abroad and teaches in English only.

This undergraduate program places great emphasis on professional knowledge, communication skills, and global mindset, which are all very important to international business management.

It is designed that in the first two years, students take basic modules to lay a solid foundation for their primary managerial knowledge, language proficiency, and computer skills; in the final two years, students would take advanced elective modules based on their interests.

Students are required to complete their basic modules at ISU; however, they have the liberty to complete their elective modules at ISU or universities engaged in a student exchange partnership with ISU. Students are offered opportunities to experience an international learning environment and diverse living cultures. After graduation, students may choose to pursue advanced education or enter the labor market, keeping their competitiveness and capabilities of lifelong learning.