Hands-Together 大手牽小手—義守大學境外生與台灣高中生交流實錄

"Hands Together" project provides a platform for local high school students and international students in Taiwan's colleges and universities to communicate with each other. It expands the international vision for high school students and enhances their abilities towards global mobility. On the other hand, it encourages international students to participate in community service and experience Taiwanese cultures in depth through activities.


Why join Hands-Together 大手牽小手計劃

Meet New Friends

You will make local friends.

New Culture Experiences

You will learn from different cultures.

Consultant Skil;s

You will develop communication skills.

Resume Upgrage

You will add something special to your CV. Your future employer may be impressed by your social commitment & team spirit!


Join Hands-Together program to obtain 『Certificate of service learning for international student scholarships』

精彩活動 Upcoming Events


教育部國教署計畫請參考網站連結: https://www.facebook.com/handstogetherproject1/