Education and research in a medical college bear special features when compared with those in other academic institutions. The academia in medical colleges has been considered a complex system, and in order to obtain expertise, it requires long-lasting efforts. The medical college cultivates healthcare providers who devote themselves to curing diseases, relieving pain or suffering, comforting patients, and pursuing public health as well. With biomedical knowledge and technology, research in medicine starts with cellular-molecular experiments, animal studies, human in-vivo research, and the exploration of population/ health-related socio-economic problems, and public health issues. The aforesaid special features in medicine make medical education and research important and challenging. To pursue excellence, the College of Medicine of I-Shou University recruits outstanding faculty members, encourages research in basic and clinical medicine, and highlights the importance of education on medical humanity, bioethics, health-related socio-economic science, and liberal arts. Its programs also keep up with the trend of globalization in medical education and health care.


The philosophy of the future development of the College of Medicine:

1.Integrate basic and clinical medicine

2.Cultivate humane health care providers who are patient-centered and clinically competent.

3.Build students’ capacities through hands-on practices and feedback, incorporating career planning.

4.Encourage faculty members to conduct research on basic and clinical medicine.

5.Establish industry-university collaboration.